Catch ya Later | Brigitte & Kai

Perhaps “Catch ya later” had been a poor choice of words. Kai had mentioned before she had walked away from him that they would be seeing each other again. She should have caught on, but Brigitte wasn’t always the smartest when fear had blended with her thought process. Usually she was calculated, precise, highly intelligent, but something about being taken hostage had clouded her thoughts, muddled her ability to reason. It didn’t help that she wasn’t exactly an American, and she knew very little about her surroundings. She knew what street she was on, merely because another hostage had told her. Still, she figured it was worth a shot. 

Taking a breath, Brigitte moved toward the window. She had no idea who was watching her, or that anyone had even taken notice of her. Kai had left her alone, and the room seemed empty. She pushed on the window, willing it to move. She was pleasantly surprised to find it unlocked. Once the window was open, she took another breath to calm her nerves. She hated heights, and she wasn’t exactly on the ground floor. She hoisted herself up and over the window sill, dangling above the ground below her. She squeezed her eyes shut to stop the dizziness she felt when she looked down, measuring how far the drop was. She was trembling, both from fear and from supporting herself, but finally she let go, falling to the ground with a painful thud. 

She forced herself to get up, ignoring the ache in her ankle as she struggled to her feet. She had to get out of there, and quickly. She looked around, the sounds of New York strange and foreign to her ears. Berlin was a big city, but New York had a completely different mood. Without thinking, she began to run toward the fence. She knew she’d have to climb quickly, but she couldn’t worry about that. She was almost there, just a few more feet. But then she heard a shout behind her, and panic set in. Within seconds her body had flown forward and a heavier being rested on top of her, pinning her to the ground. She squirmed beneath the boy’s weight, tears welling in her eyes as he stepped on her ankle. “Get off of me!” She screeched as the boy got up, grabbing her arms and tugging her up with him. 

Brigitte struggled the entire time. She had no idea who was holding her, or rather dragging her, but she had a feeling she knew where they were going. To see Kai. Kai had told her that was what would happen. The boy pushed open a door and shoved Brigitte inside. She fell to the ground, landing on her hands and scraping them open. She wrinkled her nose in disgust, looking up to see the boy and Kai talking. She swallowed back her pride, and her fear, and backed away from the two on her hands, inching toward the other side of the room as quickly as she could. “Don’t hurt me.” She whispered, suddenly realizing why meeting Kai formally was not a good thing.